Guest Information

Guests are welcome if registered in the Pro Shop and accompanied by a Member. The following guidelines apply:

Dress: Appropriate to the activity (golf, tennis, pickleball); tennis and pickleball players should wear tennis shoes and 50% of the clothing should be white.

Cell phones: Cell phones should not be used for social calls. Texting should be done with discretion only and not in the company of other members or guests. Incoming emergency calls are permitted, but please take the calls away from other people.

Golf and Racquet Sports: See specific rule sheets located in the Pro Shop. Tennis and pickleball court reservations may be made online or by contacting the office. There are no golf tee times. Course restrictions do apply during Club events and Tournaments.

Lunch at the Grille: Guests must accompany a Member, and charge their purchases on the Member’s lunch ticket or pay with cash, check, or credit card.